Keys to Spiritual Growth

The quest for discovering your true self through spiritual growth is usually a long and steady journey. Realizing and becoming conscious of some of the universal truths can be difficult but there are ways that people have successfully gotten ever closer. So check out these Keys to Spiritual Growth.

True spiritual growth is the basis of a happier more harmonious life with the release of tension, fear, and anxiety. It takes years of training and dedication but it is possible and here are 10 Tips for Spiritual Growth.

1. Read sacred texts, spiritual books, or inspirational stories. Think about what you are reading and how this information could be applied to your life.

2. Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day. If you have never meditated before there are several resources at your library or online for people that are new to meditation. Finding a good local teacher or someone that can take you through a guided meditation is a great place to start.

3. Learn to focus and quiet the voice in your head. As part of learning, you meditate and you will develop this skill more readily but also try and do concentration exercises when you have time to practice a still mind more frequently.

4. Change your perspective from a body with a spirit to a spirit that is using a body. This little shift ill has profound impacts on how you treat your body and how important you value spirituality. This relates to New Spirituality for the Age Movement.

5. Try to self-reflect and find what makes you happy and content. There is something inside yourself that is conscious and loves to feel alive: feed it.

6. Try to see the positive light. Not only will this increase your mood but it will change your reality. By thinking positively the interactions with other people will improve and your quality of life will increase as a result.

7. Develop a happiness and gratitude habit. Whenever something good or bad happens, find the happiness and be thankful that it occurred and keep it real. All of the things that happen are not good or bad until we put a label on them.

8. Practice using your willpower. By doing small challenges such as abstaining from meat during lent or fasting during the sunlight hours during Ramadan you will develop your willpower and have better control over your ego. It’s all about Self-doubt and Self-renewal.

9. Thank everyone for everything. Everything that happens to you can be a positive thing. You just have to find it. See also Dr. Bach’s Floral System-Categories of Habits

10. Be empathetic and sympathetic. Working on your patience, tolerance and relationship betterment will increase your karma and spiritual growth. When you harness spiritual guidance, prosperity and growth will be yours.

By taking the time to discover who we really are will help to increase the quality of life for not only you but for anyone that comes into contact with you. We manifest how we react in every situation and can, with practice, choose to create our daily lives to be whatever we want them to be. And if your connection’s lost, for now, don’t despair.  Time will be on your side.