Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower remedies consist of a set of 38 Bach Flower remedies, which can be used safely by anyone. Bach Flower Essences help in different areas of our body, correcting emotional imbalances. See also this Bach Flower Expert Rose Todd video in which she explains about Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Bach Flower Remedies to create positive experiences from our negative emotions.

Bach Flower Remedies can help you right now, yet it is also great for daily use to guide your family to a successful and happy future. The negative emotions we store are transformed into positive emotions. Let’s take a look at the original 38 essences:

Agrimony. This essence is for people who have a tormented mind and are always worried, but they hide everything with their humor and a nice face.

Aspen. Used for people who have fear of the unknown for no reason at all.

Beech.  This Bach Flower essence is recommended for people who have problems with tolerance to become more understanding.

Centaury. This is for people who are always kind and excessively serving, usually unable to say no to other people’s requests.

Cerato. For people who have a lack of self-confidence and always are looking for spiritual guidance and advice.

Cherry Plum. For fear of being dominated by the mind that wants to make wrong things, these people feel the impulse to do things they know are wrong.

Chestnut Bud. This is for people who despite their experience, can’t learn from their mistakes, and often commit the same mistakes over and over again.

Chicory. This is for people who love other people feeling possessive and the need of always being next to them.

Clematis. For people who go through life uninterested, seemingly in a dreamy state, without paying attention to the present.

Crab Apple. A remedy for cleansing the mind, it has also been used to purify wounds and poison. Can be used against self-hatred.

Elm. This Bach flower essence is used by those overwhelmed by responsibility. See also: The Bach Flower Healing Therapy.

Gentian. Used for people who get discouraged easily, even by small drawbacks.

Gorse. For those who feel a great amount of hopelessness and despair regarding a situation in their lives.

Heather. For those who are always seeking the companionship of another.  They get very affected by being alone.

Holly. This is useful in cases of sudden thoughts of jealousy, suspicion, and revenge. Envy can also be diminished with this essence.

Honeysuckle. This essence is useful for those who always live in the past and don’t expect more happiness in future events or in the present.

Hornbeam. For those people who get tired just thinking about doing one thing or another.

Impatiens. As the name implies, for impatience.  People who always wish to have things done immediately and at their pace, often anxious people.

Larch. An essence for those who lack confidence, always feel less than the rest and expect failure for their actions.

Mimulus. Used to minimize the fear for what we actually know.

Mustard. For those who have lost the light of life due to times of gloom and despair.

Oak. This gives strength to those people who are still moving on despite tough times they are living.

Olive. This helps balance the emotions and the exhaustion after we have been required strong physical or mental effort.

Pine. For people who blame themselves for everything and live with feelings of guilt and blame.

Red Chestnut. This is when the concern we have for the good and welfare of our loved ones go beyond the normal levels.

Rock Rose. Helps to deal with terror and fright and is also for people looking for spiritual growth.

Rock Water. For those who live in self-denial, and have been repressed for a long time.

Scleranthus. This Bach flower essence is useful for those people who can’t make up their minds about decisions and choices.

Star of Bethlehem. For those who are under the shock of some news or events in their lives, like for example an accident.

Sweet Chestnut. For those who live with mental anguish with no apparent open doors or answers. When the limit of endurance has been breached.

Vervain. Is useful for those people with fixed ideas that want everyone to have their views, and over-enthusiasm.

Vine. Helpful for men and women who exert dominance and inflexibility in their lives.

Walnut. It gives protection from unwanted influences and change.

Water Violet. For those who want to be left alone in life, they are aloof.

White Chestnut. To disperse unwanted thoughts and mental arguments.

Wild Oat. This essence can be very helpful for those who are uncertain about the direction of their lives.

Wild Rose. Can help in cases of apathy and resignation.

Willow. For those who have been in tragic or adverse situations and are not able to accept them. For those who gather resentment in their lives. Dr. Bach’s Biography is found here.