Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Bach Flower Healing Therapy

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Bach Flower Healing Therapy go hand in hand. It is based on the usage of 38 natural remedies derived from flowers. These essences are able to modify the most subtle energy vibrations in the human body. see this video (Part 1) of Bach Flower Remedies, the Journey to Simple Healing. Bach Flower Remedies have been used since the 1930sand are known as an effective and safe form of complementary medicine.

By absorbing the remedies you get a higher resistance against physical disorders, and also a greater sense of calm and self-acceptance. The remedies used in this type of healing don’t have any secondary effects and don’t interfere with medications which makes them very safe for everyone.

Why flowers? Dr. Edward Bach explained that the life within a plant is concentrated on the flower, and it is also here where the seeds of the plant are located, the seed that allows for a new plant to grow in the land. By using the flowers to prepare these remedies we are acting through the four elements that regulate harmony and balance in this Planet: earth, air, fire, and water.

The only condition present for the person who wants to experiment with Bach Flower healing is to learn to recognize the emotional states, associating them to the remedies and trust them to recover wellness and health. For Dr. Bach’s Biography, check out this post.

Bach considered that these flowers belong to a “higher order”, in the sense that each one of the 38 flowers channels energy vibrations that respond perfectly to the characteristics of human emotions. These flowers relate to the patient with an “energy exchange” that could be defined as a “divine spark” and are classified according to that.

Bach Flowers can be taken by everyone: babies, children, teenagers, pregnant women, elder people, people under medications, sick people, people in a state of coma and even animals and plants. They have no side effects and doesn’t interact with other medications and therapies. Maybe the only ones who are not advised to use traditional preparation are alcoholics since the drops are prepared using a base of brandy and water.  In these cases, the drops should be prepared in a base of vinegar and water.

Is Bach Flower Healing Effective?

Of course, like other therapies, Bach Flower therapy isn’t 100% effective. The Bach Center estimates that there is a 25% of failures in this therapy. They can be caused by different factors, such as the poor ability to determine the emotional problem or the lack of perseverance and doses needed for the healing. In other cases, there is simply a lack of desire to get better, so they don’t follow the treatment as they should.

But even if you don’t believe at first in the power of Bach Flowers, it will work. But this deals with emotions, so try to avoid emotional resistance in the treatment. Flower remedies act slowly and gradually, they are not like an Aspirin that you take and then the headache is gone. They make effect the same slow way imbalance entered your life.

Agrimony Bach Flower

Agrimony Bach Flower is the flower used in this type of therapy to help people who are always keeping a happy face or a happiness “shell”, but underneath they hide all their problems and issues.

These are usually people who want to be the clown of the party to hide their inner sad feelings. Like Bach says, oftentimes, these people resort to alcohol and drugs to maintain their happy face, and they hate being alone, because when nobody is watching them get to face their real selves. That is why they are always looking for friends, parties and nighttime fun; at night that is when they feel most alone with themselves.

Thanks to Agrimony Bach flower, they become more able to deal with this dark side of their personality that they fear. This, in turn, balances the emotions they have as they become a more complete human being feeling comfort to deal with the dark side of their inner World.

Laughing will no longer be used to mask sad feelings or troubles, but instead will be used as a way to let go of them and become emotionally freer. From a mood point of view, Agrimony Bach Flower will help those who are denying to face a problem, and instead, use jokes and a false “happiness” to avoid the harsh reality.

Bach Flower Elm

The Bach Flower Elm has been used by practitioners to help people who feel over crumbed by problems, and who don’t feel they have the capacity to deal with them or with the responsibility they bring. People who have a hard time dealing with the Spirituality of Imperfection on the journey of their soul on earth may benefit as is seen in the New Age Movement.

The tree in which these flowers grow is the English Elm, a tree that can grow up to 130 feet.  There are many kinds of elm trees, so it is important to be able to tell them apart when it comes to elaborating this Bach Flower Remedy. The flowers of this tree are red and blossom between February and April.

How to Take Bach Flower Elm?

The directions for taking Elm Bach Flower drops are the same as with any type of Bach flower essence. Take 4 drops 4 times a day. It is advisable to put the two drops in a small glass of water and sip it in steps. You can also put drops under the tongue, in the skin behind the ears or in the wrists if you can’t get water at a given time of the day.

The Bach Flower Elm essence is located in the group of essences that help you deal with despair and hopelessness, along with Crab Apple, Larch, Oak, Pine, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut and Willow.