Bach Flower Therapy

Expand our consciousness instead of than suppress it with some psychotropic drugs – this truly is key to my method…” Dr. Edward Bach

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach developed a system of medicine, now popularly known as Bach Flower Therapy. A system that is gentle and free of side effects; yet powerful in healing physical illness as well as negative emotional states.

British physician, homeopath, pathologist, bacteriologist, and surgeon Edward Bach (1880-1936) had developed his theory that stated physical human ailments have emotional and spiritual roots. From his experience in the medical world, he knew that diseases best heal when the cause is treated and not just the symptoms.

He then began developing Flower Remedies and added his new method into the practice. The results were so good, he stopped practicing conventional medicine and completely. After long observations of his patients, Dr. Bach realized that certain personality types will develop diseases, specific to them. He then came to the correct conclusion that diseases occur often as the result of disharmony between soul and body.

Being a scientist, Dr. Bach connected all his knowledge in conventional medicine and homeopathy together. With his intuitive understandings, Dr. Bach searched for various natural substances which would not be impacting the disease in a direct way, but fix emotional states that are preceding the disease. Dr. Bach was believing that health can only be regained from nature at the time he had found the vibrational healing properties in 38 flower essences known today as Bach Flower Remedies or Bach Flowers.

He was among the first researchers in the world who discovered a link between disease, stress, and emotions. The vast majority of practicing physicians began moving in the same direction only several decades later.

After Dr. Bach had passed away, Flower Essences were effectively used by his group of followers in Britain at the by-then well-known Bach Center. For more than 75 years Bach Flower Essences have been studied in Alternative Medicine schools across 66 countries.

Using Bach Flowers Essences, many physicians have achieved noticeable success in Natural Stress Management, while balancing emotions like fears, worries, uncertainty,  despair, apathy, loneliness, guilt and many more.

Bach Flower Therapy is a modern method of Natural Stress Treatment which contains 38 flower essences. The method lets you believe in treating the cause of the problem and not the symptoms. Dr. Bach believes that by correcting your own emotional states, you can improve your physical and mental resistance to disease, which will heal you of physical ailments.

The evaluation of your current condition is based on emotional imbalances that you are facing and able to express. The Bach philosophy and therapy allow you to carefully choose a personalized remedies mix for you. If you feel stressed, out of balance, tired, and want to help yourself in a natural way, give this therapy a chance.

Bach Flowers Remedies are a natural stress treatment, a natural anxiety treatment, and a natural depression treatment. Here are only a few of the possible benefits you will receive:

  • Preventing diseases by helping your body to restore its natural power to heal when out of balance.
  • Helping with any emotional overload
  • Helping to neutralize and balance negative emotions
  • Soothing and reducing emotional distress
  • Promoting resistance to depressive states and stress
  • Correcting our behavioral responses
  • Providing you with emotional stability
  • Revitalizing self-regulation mechanisms of the body (immune system)

Best of all it is an organic and natural solution to all of these ailments.

The Bach Flowers Therapy is:

  • Effective
  • Natural and non-toxic
  • Completely safe
  • No allergic reactions or other side effects
  • Have no contraindications or age limits
  • Is not addictive
  • Is compatible with any other therapeutic agents
  • It is not aromatherapy, but a gentle variety of homeopathy
  • Helping us to restore the balance between the mind and the body
  • An organic stress relief system

Dr. Bach said something like: “We have to be aware that all souls on this planet have a special purpose which is to gain experience, to improve self-awareness, and to move forward in the direction of our souls’ ideals. We should really not forget that our souls are posing special challenges, so when people are not seeking to act accordingly, inevitably we will face a conflict between personality and soul, and this will feel like physical disorder.