Bach Flowers Questionnaire


‘To use the flowers there is no need for scientific knowledge. To take full advantage of this divine gift, it must be preserved in its original purity, free of any scientific theory and speculation, because everything in nature is simple.’ E. BACH. This Bach Flowers Questionnaire post addresses the most common aspects of Dr. Bach’s Floral System.

‘Heal the person, not the disease’, that is the basic rule of the Bach therapy. What is the human being who is facing you, what is his current state of mind? Serious life experience and common sense should allow us to detect anger states, fear, lack of confidence, etc.

negative/positive feelings.

1. Agrimony / Agrimony
– cache his worries behind a cheerful mask, sad clown.
+ Accept his qualities and defects show as we are.
2. Aspen / Aspen
– vague fear, difficult to name, apprehension.
+ Confidence and security.
3. Beech/beech
– critically thinking, intolerant, caustic.
+ Indulgence, understanding, acceptance of differences.
4. Centaury/centaury
– submission, weakness, cannot say ‘no.’
+ Used with wisdom and discernment will.
5. Cerato / Plumbago
– lack of confidence in his intuition relies on the opinion of others.
+ Reconnect with his inner certainty.
6. Cherry Plum/Prunus
– fear of ‘crack’, lose self-control, impulsive.
+ Calm and composure under all circumstances, lucidity.
7. Chestnut Bud / Bud chestnut
– repletion of mistakes regardless of the experience.
+ Understanding and integration of lessons learned.
8. Chicory/Chicory
– Love possessive, give to receive.
+ Self-giving.
9. Clematis / Clematis
– inattention, reverie, no concern.
+ Realistic, present, inspired.
10. Crab Apple/wild apple
– Ashamed, feeling of dirt attached to details.
+ Self-acceptance, purification of thoughts.
11. Elm/Elm
– depression, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task.
+ Able, efficient, confident, assured.
12. Gentian/Gentian
– melancholia, discouraged by any obstacle, pessimistic.
+ Confidence and perseverance.
13. Gorse/gorse
– without hope, ‘It is useless.’
+ Faith, hope, and certainty.
14. HHeather/heather
– self-centered, self-preoccupied exclusively.
+ Altruism, selflessness, listening to the other.
15. Holly/holly
– hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion, anger.
+ Generous spirit, understanding, tolerant.
16. Honeysuckle/Honeysuckle
– linked to the past, nostalgia, regret.
+ Live his present rich history.
17. Hornbeam/charm
– lacks spirit, difficult to launch into action.
+ Assistance to start, blossom ‘starter’.
18. Impatiens/impatient
– impatient, fast, irritable, precipitated alone.
+ Relaxed, tolerant and gentle with others.
19. Larch/Larch
– lacks confidence, convinced of failure.
+ Determined, capable, without fear of the result.
20. Mimulus/nutmeg
– the daily fear, shyness, fear identifiable.
+ Quiet strength and humor.
21. Mustard/Mustard
– sadness without apparent reason, sudden melancholy.
+ Stable, inner peace, even-tempered.
22. Oak/Oak
– continue to fight anyway.
+ Strength, forbearance, courage, constancy, measurement.
23. Olive/olive
– exhaustion, everything becomes effort, at wit’s end.
+ Healing and newfound energy.
24. Pine/Pine Sylvestre
– culpability, scruples, to feel responsible for everything.
+ Sound judgment, humility.
25. Red Chestnut/chestnut red
– fear for others, ‘mother hen.
+ Trust in the experience of others.
26. Rock Rose/hélianthème
– fear, panic, terror.
+ Grand bravery, selflessness, strength of will.
27. Rock Water/rock water
– self-rigidity, strict principles, concern for perfection, idealistic.
+ Agree to the joy of living, keep a flexible mind.
28. Scleranthus/awl
– indecisiveness, uncertainty in the choice between two possibilities.
+ Resolution, choice, balance.
29. Star of Bethlehem/Ornithogalum
– chagrin, upset.
+ open to consolation, liberation and inner peace.
30. Sweet Chestnut/Chestnut
– empty morale, ‘dark night of the soul.’
+ Reborn, control of emotions.
31. Chestnut
– terrible mentality
+ Open to light.
32. Vine/grapevine
– autoritaire, domineering, seeking to impose ideas.
+ Respect for others, wise and understanding authority.
33. Walnut/walnut
– Sensitive to moods, influences, outside ideas.
+ Constancy, identity protection.
34. Water Violet/violet water
– Aloof, condescending.
+ Discreetly put his abilities in service to others.
35. White Chestnut/white chestnut
– Stubborn, ‘little bike’ in the head.
+ Quiet Spirit, constructive orientation thoughts.
36. Wild Oat/fol oats
– Dissatisfied, cannot find his way, lack of guidance.
+ Talent, ambition, affirmation of its rationale, discernment.
37. Wild Rose/rosehip
– Resignation, fatalism, passivity.
+ Dynamic, informed, enthusiastic.
38. Willow/willow
– Bitter, victim, resentment, susceptibility.
+ Recognize responsibilities, express humor, express his joy.
Rescue mixture of 5 elixirs of flowers (Cherry Plum – Clematis – Impatiens – Rock Rose -Star of Bethlehem) to situations or events likely to abuse the daily emotional harmony (Accident, shock) Also available in cream.