Dr. Edward Bach – Biography

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) is famous because of his floral system. Bach flower remedies are used by many people who rely on them for soothing their nerves and panic attacks. The Dr. Edward Bach Biography is so very interesting and highlights the educational and biological mysteries this talented medical professional tried to unravel.

These words are created for all those who wish to discover the work of Dr. Bach.  The description of the 38 flowers should help to understand better the spiritual concept which is the base.

‘The disease is neither cruelty nor punishment; it is all in all a fix that is used by our soul to show us our faults, for we avoid larger errors, to prevent us from causing even more damage – and to bring us back on the path of truth and the light that we never had to leave’. 
Edward Bach

Before discovering his Edward Bach practiced medicine as a bacteriologist and homeopathic and enjoyed general esteem. In 1930, at the age of 43, he left his office to focus during the last six years of his life to the search for a ‘therapy more simple and natural to both.’

What is new and different in the system of Bach Flowers is relatively small compared to other methods of the West, and it can be summarized in three points:

1. E. BACH’s conception of health and healing, i.e., a new form of ‘diagnosis’ based on discordant moods or negative feelings, a little at a homeopathic way but more extensively.

2. The simple and natural process by which Dr. Bach liberated energy flowers. There can be no overdose or side effects or incompatibility with other therapeutic forms.

3. The qualification ‘harmless’ makes the Bach method available to a much larger number of people, preventive as well as curative. The moods described by Bach as character weaknesses encountered in any group of humans (not of psychological diseases) do not need a doctor or psychologist to apply the flower remedies.

‘Some flowers, bushes and wild trees of higher order, because of their high vibration, have the power to raise our vibrational frequencies to open up the human channels that carry the messages of our spiritual self. They overwhelm the personality virtues we need, and so hunt defects (character) that cause our suffering. Just like beautiful music and other great things, due to the inspiration, they can elevate our whole personality and bring us closer to our souls.

So they give us peace and free us from our troubles. They do not cure the direct attack of the disease, but by the fact that our bodies are flooded with beautiful vibrations of our Higher Self that melt disease like snow. There is no real healing without modifying our conceptions of life, peace of soul and inner happiness.’
Bach in 1934 about the mode of action of his ‘Flowers.’

The Bach Flowers: what are they?

Under the name ‘Bach Flowers’, there are 38 preparations of plants and flowers, each specifically designed to target a different problem; these preparations help manage the emotional demands of everyday life. They encourage the return to balance by helping to take control of emotions, to feel better in harmony with life.

Bach Flowers: where do they come from?

Bach Flowers were created in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician. His philosophy, ‘As long as the Soul, Body, and Spirit are in harmony, nothing can affect us,’ was far ahead of its time.

Dr. Bach spent the last ten years of his life studying and identifying 38 forms of behavior he identified as major sources of our unhappiness.
He discovered wildflowers that respond favorably to these difficult feelings by revealing the depths of each of us the matching principle of balance. He was able to classify these 38 simple preparations in 7 categories of behavior such as Solitude, Fear, Uncertainty, and discouragement …
These preparations became known under the name of Bach Flowers.

It’s in the fields around the ‘Dr. E. Bach Centre’, not far from Oxford, England, that Dr. Bach gathered the flowers that formed the basis for species that he used for his discoveries. Today, the Centre is still there to prepare Bach flowers by its current successors, who are determined to perpetuate the methods of preparation and applications established by Dr. Bach. The ‘Dr. E. Bach Centre’ also serves as a training and teaching center on the Bach flower.

Bach Flowers: how do they work?

The Bach Flowers are the flowers from certain plants used by Bach. Each represents a spiritual concept, or, expressed regarding energy; each one vibrates at a given frequency. The plants are consistent with the same spiritual concept in the human being, that is to say, they correspond to certain energy frequencies of the energy field in man. The human soul has the form of concepts, potential energy, virtue, or divine sparks, and all 38 spiritual concepts are in line with Bach flowers.

If there is a conflict in the spiritual concept or the energy potential of some personality conflicts with his intentions and those of his soul, there is distortion and slower frequencies of waves causing a discordant state in the energy field. This distortion will affect the entire human energy field, that is to say, it generally affects his mood. The result is, according to E. Bach, a negative state of mind.

Because it is consistent with how the concept of the human soul would be without the distortion and the slowdown due to its negative state, the flower finds the contact with the spiritual concept that re-harmonizes through a process of energy resonance frequency.

In other words, Bach Flowers act as catalysts that restore the interrupted contact between the soul and personality at specific points. The soul can again be heard by the personality. Where dissonance and hardening reigned, there is again a surge of life. Or, as Bach said: The man who ‘was not quite himself’ again become ‘himself.’
The personality manages to break free of confusion and human limitations too and finds the potential of the soul or the virtues that give meaning and harmony to our existence on this planet.

Bach Flowers: Instructions

The flowers have no toxicity or risk. They can be used by everybody. The preparations are in liquid form; they can be eaten separately or combined (to remain significant, the mixture should not exceed six flowers).

– Pure, ad 2 to 3 drops directly into the mouth from 2 to 4 times daily. The duration of consumption can vary, depending on how someone feels. In the same spirit, it is possible to put 2 or 3 drops of each elixir into a glass of water. This method of addressing emotions in the present, often about a specific event.

-In Dilution, dilute 2-3 drops of each essence in a dropper bottle, usually 30cc. Fill it for 2/3 of spring water, and apply a few drops under the tongue 3-4 times daily for two weeks or more. This method is appropriate for older, deeper, more global forms of behavior.

These two types of consumption are not incompatible. It is possible to live a strong emotion revealed by a particular event, an emotion caused by sources that are grounded in human history. Dilution will make this movement more intimate, deeper. Again, the feeling of each is the best indicator. All instructions for use are proposals for addressing a reality that remains individual, unique.

Bach Flowers are ‘Harmonizing’ toward emotional balance. They are invaluable for inner peace. If you use a flower not suited to manifest emotion, nothing happens because the elixir allows you to open yourself to information that you already know and live by. A bit like if you took the key to a door already open. Finally, it is useless to increase the doses of consumption; the flowers do not work quantitatively.