Spiritual Guidance

We tend to focus on and to be preoccupied with the things that are happening on the earth. Since this is where we reside, of course, it is only natural that earth would be our main focus. But we must learn to look skyward, accept spiritual guidance, and pay attention to the cosmos for answers as well.

Make it a practice to stop watching television, or to get off the couch or the computer long enough to go outside and look at the stars and the moon. And, if you can catch a sunrise you will more than likely start your day with a great deal of positive energy and you will be in tune with more possibilities for your life.

Now that we are approaching summer, it is a good idea to go out into nature. Go to a park and read a book on your lunch hour instead of being cooped up in an air-conditioned environment. Listen to the bird’s chirp and feel the breeze blow through your hair and across your face. Let the sun shine on you awhile. Sit on the grass and take notice of the grass because there is a benefit that you will receive from the earth by just sitting in the grass.

You are part of the earth and we have lost the art of being close to it with the advent of modern civilization. If you do this you will receive a certain type of energy and/or blessing from the grassroots of the earth. Never mind the ants or the bugs. Just take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to become in tune with nature and you will feel better about living and about life; especially if you do this routinely. You will be rejuvenated and revitalized!

Talk to a tree as there are knowledge and strength in a tree. Trees are old and ancient and have a lot of information. Sit against one if you can and you will draw strength from the tree. Have you ever noticed how some trees have such huge strong roots? You can tap into that power, strength, and knowledge by sitting against it and speaking to it. You may even consider becoming a clairvoyant if your inner powers allow you to do so.

When you hear a bird singing he is sending a message to you from above. Listen to its song. It just might contain a message that you have been waiting to receive. And, if you have a chance to communicate with a dolphin, by all means, do so. They are one of the oldest and most intelligent creatures on earth. They are very intelligent and can be of great value to you in your life as well.

And last but not least, surround yourself with beautiful plants of your choice. Whatever feels good to you in the line of plants will be sufficient. Plants cleanse the air and remove toxins in your home. That is the first benefit. But there is a second benefit. when the air is clean and you are breathing deeply, your Angels are able to speak to you and are able to convey important information and messages to you that will be beneficial in your life. So, after a good work-out go to your plant-filled area and breathe deeply and meditate.

These are some of the things that will accelerate your spiritual growth, give you guidance, and help you on your way towards prosperity. Yes, they seem to be simple things, but sometimes ’simple’ can be very powerful. Read also this article about Dr. Edward Bach Biography.

Incorporating these processes will awaken you spiritually and help you harness your spiritual growth and allow you to receive spiritual blessings so that you will be able to use your intuition to guide you along your life path and to learn how to deal with criticism and setbacks.

By meditating in nature and with plants, animals and the elements in these ways, you will begin to receive messages from your higher-self that will tell you how to proceed in any pursuit you may be undertaking. You will find that you will be able to find the solutions to problems that may have been eluding you.

Although these concepts may be somewhat unorthodox, they are my suggestions for harnessing spiritual guidance for growth And prosperity.