Dale Carnegie Course: Respond To Criticism – What Students Should Learn

Soon or later you will run into criticism. The question is how will you respond to it? A normal reaction is to be defensive, and that’s quite often the point at which you need to take a deep breath and count to five. So this post addresses the Dale Carnegie Course: Respond To Criticism – What Students Should Learn.

Dale Carnegie in his classic book, How To Win Friends and Influence People is a classic. The edition I have is from the 1950s but its principles are timeless which makes it such a classic. To quote him, “Criticism is futile because it puts a person on the defensive and makes him defend himself”.

So imagine a scenario where you are talking to a teacher who is there to help you get prepared for the GED exam. You explain the challenges you face (your usual routine, work, family lack of time). The teacher responds, “But you are just looking for the excuse!” Your reaction may be to defend your point of view by explaining why it is not just lack of time.

Carnegie explains this will most probably cause resentment in your prospect and they will become defensive pushing their point of view. The correct course of action is to ask a question. Ask them why they are lazy? Make sure to take notes, even if you are on the phone, this will give you time to process the points.

Now address the points by for example, in the case of a ‘being lazy’ show how many things you need to do to support your family. The key here is you are not disputing the person, you are giving them facts. It’s a process of education that overcomes criticism if anything will. As you know I help people to prepare for the GED exam and I talk with students and teachers. I agree that sometimes teachers are tough. They need to, it’s your job to make them understand your challenges.

So remember, to paraphrase Carnegie, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Good listeners very often score highly as good leaders. Given you will be creating a team of business associates in your network marketing business opportunity, you are now more attractive as a leader because you took the time to listen to their criticism and avoided criticizing them.

I will continue my review of this classic book and how its lessons will help you in a network marketing business opportunity.

What are some of the advantages of being in a network business opportunity?


As Robert Kiyosaki explained in a recent video, a network business opportunity has advantages over a pure sole trader business. Your business legal status is sole trader, however, has the name implies you are in a network. So along with your Sponsor and others, they recruit into the business you have the advantage of being in a team. So you do not have to work in a 9 – 5 type job to enjoy the benefits of working in a team. This is real flexibility.

Time with the family

You are home-based therefore you get to spend more time with the family. Yes, you will need some kind of work area however you are around if needed and you can set up you ‘work time blocks’ to fit in with family commitments or just things you want to do because it’s a nice day.

Ability to earn extra income without promotion

Bob Proctor (of the film The Secret) calls a network marketing opportunity a truly moral way to earn extra money. A work at home career allows you to earn money without going through a process of being promoted. Many good network marketers earn as much money as a heart surgeon, however, it has to be said it’s steady progress towards higher income. In a genuine network marketing business opportunity there is no ‘get rich quick’ magic bullet.

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