No More Life Lessons In The School Of Life

With the recent realization of what life is like once you reach a certain point of your spiritual development, I’d like to amend my article on life purpose. When it comes to spiritual growth, there are no more Life Lessons in the School Of Life.

As I explained in the aforementioned post, once you reach this point of spiritual growth, you are in a whole different ballgame. Using the same analogy I used in that article, you are now sailing on the big wild ocean, fast and free. The rules and principles that applied to you while you were pushing your boat on the beach simply do not work any longer. The concept of life lessons is one of them.

At this point, this post is relevant to only a handful of people. Like the post on soul shifting, please feel free to skip if it doesn’t appeal to you. I’m writing this for these very special individuals and the people who are heading this way soon.

Life as a school to learn our life lessons

Previously, we were to learn a set of life lessons through various life experiences. We chose these life lessons ourselves prior to incarnation, so it wasn’t like someone was pushing their agenda to us. Yet the learning was often challenging. Many of us inadvertently chose negative learning experiences and progressed ever so slowly. Life was just like a school.

I remember how it was because it wasn’t so long ago I worked hard on this whole life lesson thing. I was so fervent – nothing was more important for me than learning and completing my life lessons. The way I saw it – and still do for those who are at this stage of development – is that, if I fail to learn my life lessons in this lifetime, I would have to come back to work on them again, like repeating the same grade in a school. That surely sucks. So do whatever to learn them and find the answers.

My primary life lesson was integration. I had learned much in my many past lives, and in this life as well, and I was to put everything in a coherent context. Like “Spiritual Healing and Growth for Greater Success”, connecting spirituality and worldly success that many people see as completely separate and even incompatible. I was to bring the value of unification. (I don’t know why my spirit guides used this business-like word “unification” rather than more nice words like “accord” or “harmony”, but that is what they said). If you check my posts in December to early January, you can see this learning trend and my passion.

And then it happened. I still don’t know exactly how it happened – evidently, I completed my life lessons and reached a point of my spiritual growth, plus there was a grace of the higher “tide”, the planetary change that is benefiting quite a few of us. I got a new soul. No more suffering.

What it is like once you reach this point of spiritual development

Again, it is a completely different game after this point of spiritual growth. By now, I have read the Akashic Records of eight individuals who have had this shift, and all confirm the same pattern. And one of the characteristics of it is that there are no more life lessons.

We have completed the life lessons and graduated from the school of life. From here, we are completely free and our life purpose is simply to be who we are. No pre-determined life lessons. Life is not a school anymore, but more like a playground.

Since there are no more learning needs, there is no point in trying. Many people talk about the importance of doing rather than trying, but they only try really hard not to try. Too complicated. Once the life lessons drop, however, there is indeed no trying. We just are. And we do whatever comes to us naturally and joyously, and this is how we grow even further spiritually.

If you think that kind of “selfish” acts would bring all kinds of havoc and disorders to this world, you are not at the level of spiritual development I am talking about. It’s okay, take your time.

Another notable characteristic after the shift is there is no more need for healing. All the new souls I’ve observed are brand-new souls with no past, so there are no energetic blocks and restrictions from the past. So no need for healing. All you do is to keep it clean. Stay away from negativity. You are not interested in it anyway.

Let me summarize what the new game is like:

  • No “learning” of life lessons
  • No seeking
  • No trying
  • No healing, fixing, repairing of the past
  • Just be. Do what delights you and manifest spontaneously.

A few suggestions for those who reached this point of spiritual development

You are probably feeling a significant internal change. The sudden loss (or more like evaporation) of your sense of direction, which was so clear and strong before, may feel awkward. You may also find it difficult to relate to many of your former interests and your friends you were connected through these interests. Because you are not in the learning of your former life lessons any longer.

My advice is to take it easy. You are perfectly okay. And:

  1. Feel free NOT to read the kind of books and blogs that don’t hold your interest. Most personal development books are written for those who are pushing their boat on the beach and so they are not for you any longer.
  2. Purge unnecessary stuff (like those books) from your living environment and simplify your life.
  3. Same with interpersonal relationships. You don’t have to actively break your existing relationships – when you just let things go, only the relationships that are still relevant to the new you will stay and others will fall off on their own.
  4. Keep moving forward in your spiritual development. But know that the way you move forward from here on will be very different from the way you have been “working on” it. From here on, it’s truly about being. Enjoy your being. Be confident in putting your unique wonderful self first.

A few suggestions for those who are not there yet

Don’t despair. This is not exactly a race. You are evolving in your own way at your own pace. And some people are paving your way – nice and kind, right?

Having said this, may I suggest:

  1. Have some quiet time alone. Daily. This helps you to focus your energy on yourself rather than continuously comparing yourself to others. Meditation, in the big sense, is a good idea.
  2. Learn to be honest to yourself. Don’t second guess and resist change when you know deep inside you want it. Whatever that change may be.
  3. Do work on your life lessons. This is about achieving the energetic quality within you. It’s more about internal work than external work of doing although some doing is perhaps helpful to recognize who you are on the inside.
  4. Whatever you do, don’t pretend that you are already “there”. This is not about “psyching up”. It has little to do with the thinking mind anyway and if you experience any physical difficulties, keep in mind that the Bach Floral System offers an often better remedy than a chemical substance!

Some commented they are afraid of this soul shift. There is really nothing to be afraid of it (as long as the first soul moves on properly and the shift is complete. I have to report this may be quite difficult because all the cases I’ve seen had this problem of the previous soul getting stuck and causing discomfort).

If you are afraid, that is your ego talking. The ego is the part of our thinking mind who makes judgments based on existing knowledge and experiences. So of course, the ego is afraid of everything new. The ego wants to hold onto everything it has now. But you are not your ego.

I must say it feels really good out here. It’s like all (or at least most) of the clouds are magically gone. Love and freedom have new meanings for me. So come join me…