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Many may ask such questions as  — Why am I here? Or what is my purpose? Others may experience loneliness, depression, despair, and/or lack of self-confidence. Other may simply want to increase their knowledge. So read on the learn more about Spirituality and Purpose.

Some may be searching for their soul-mates. Others may be searching for their own inner-truth — and some may feel a general dissatisfaction toward life. Here we will help you to unveil solutions through Universal Truths.

This is your Spiritual Guidance. A place where you will be encouraged and guided to connect to your higher self and hopefully rid yourself of your burdens. A place where you can work out problems and find solutions through communication with others.

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If you take the time to nourish your spiritual health and to cultivate your spiritual knowledge, your entire life will change. This is what we offer you. The potential for a life-changing spiritual transformation.

Because each person’s journey through spirituality may take them on various paths we offer resources to help you along the way such as spiritual music, spiritual e-courses, spiritual e-books, articles, meditations, binaural harmonics, metaphysical supplies, candles, spiritual jewelry, astrology, psychic advisors and much, much more.

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This blog is designed to help you awaken your ‘holy spirit’ or ‘higher self’ through spiritual awareness and transformation. With reference to this site, spiritual transformation alludes to eliminating anything that prevents you from achieving your goals and desires.

Healing With Salt Water Cure

Feng shui practitioners and the Feng shui principles indicate that the salt water cure is effective in curing illnesses and other health-related complications. People believe that the salt water cure possesses the natural healing power of salt which works both medicinally and spiritually just like the Dr. Bach Herbal Remedies. Medically speaking, the curative properties of salt is seen in its ability to cleanse and kill microbes. In spiritual healing, the salt is renowned for its ability to ward off evil elements that cause sicknesses.

Besides being an alternative curative solution for diseases, experts say that the salt water cure can also aid in the prevention of diseases of a person as well as his overall spiritual health. This implies that you can see the salt water cure even when you’re physically healthy so that you can prevent yourself from getting sick.

The feng shui tradition says that the salt water cure can solve all diseases but there are certain conditions that you can do to improve its effectiveness. Of all the illnesses, the salt water cure works best on the ones that are connected with the ear, nose, and throat. These minor discomforts can be easily remedied when one does the salt water cure. Very interesting is also the floral system of Dr. Edward Bach. Click here for his interesting biography.

There are some steps that you should follow when you do the salt water cure. You must follow the directions truthfully to get the best results.

First, you should add salt to the glass jar, depending on the size of the container you should fill it up until it reaches one-fourth of its capacity.

The next step involves placing in six feng shui coins or six gold ingots. You must place them over the salt. If you decide to place in Chinese coins, the characters written in it should face upwards.

After you do this, you should fill the container with clean water. It is advisable to cover it once you finish filling it up so you won’t spill the water when you move it. If you accidentally lose water, you will need to start over because the formula should be followed for it to work.

Then, you should search for the spot where you would place the salt water cure. To do this, you are first required to find out your Kua number for health. It is also advisable to place it in the direction of the person that you would like to cure. When you find the best spot for it, immediately place the jar or bottle there and you’re finished!

In some cases wherein the person is really sick, you can place the salt water cure near him for a more direct effect. This will increase the efficacy of the salt water cure and improve his rate of recovery. And don’t forget that to keep spirituality alive, we have to keep it real!

The salt water cure is mainly used for the maintenance of good health and curing illnesses, however, feng shui experts believe that can be used in other things other than healing. They believe that the salt water cure also cures people who have bad fortune which is also considered to be a sickness in feng shui.

Salt water cure is safe and you can also use it along with modern medications or procedures.