Bach Flower Remedies List and Pregnancy

The Bach Flower System remedies are very useful because they associate with emotions which are often playing a role during pregnancy and after. The Bach remedies are however kept in alcohol, so if you want to benefit from them during pregnancy, you should dilute them as this will reduce the amount of alcohol considerably. So let’s address here Bach Flower Remedies List and Pregnancy but please get advice from midwife or doctor if you’re in doubt.

During your pregnancy, you can go through all sorts of emotions, You’ll have to deal with multiple changes and this can be a real struggle. Walnut can be a great remedy when it comes to adapting to change and get rid of old habits. When you feel in an irritable mood, Impatiens may help you to act fast, and Beech is great if you get irritated by other people’s behavior.

Some women are lucky and glow throughout their pregnancy while other women are feeling down because of the natural changes they experience in shape and appearance during pregnancy. Our Crab Apple remedy may be helpful in accepting how we are looking and feeling more comfortable about how other people see us.

As the actual birth gets closer, it is only natural to sense some nervousness about what’s about to happen. For this sort of anticipation or fear, Mimulus is the best remedy and, again, Walnut may be helpful to get you through these times of change, In case the birth itself was traumatic in any way, Star of Bethlehem is a fantastic help.

Of course, you, the pregnant woman, are not the only one to go through hard times during pregnancy and thereafter. Your husband will suffer as well, as will your relatives and others close to you. So, fortunately, there are also remedies that may beneficial to the entire family. Let’s take a look:

  • Walnut can help the entire family in coping with changes. It will prove to be very effective when a new arrival causes your house to turn upside down.
  • Holly is a perfect remedy when siblings show some jealousy or want to hurt the newborn.
  • Chicory can be very beneficial if a child who usually is the center of the attention feels neglected when people focus on the new arrival.
  • Elm is specifically for adults who feel that they temporarily cannot deal with extra demands.
  • Olive may always be considered where tiredness is at stake. But don’t forget to treat the underlying emotional cause as well.

When feelings of guilt or other things are getting in the way, Pine is highly beneficial. In general, parents want to be as good as possible parents, and some dads think professional obligations force them to stand back during pregnancy and after, while some moms are feeling a sense of guilt when they go back to their professional tasks. So Pine is great for feeling guilty, whereas Oak helps to cope with never wanting to give in, and Vervain helps individuals take on their work with an overload of enthusiasm.

There are also parents who have difficulty to admit that they experience any emotions whatsoever and laugh at the notion that having a new baby may put them under some sort of stress. Well, Agrimony is especially for those people who are hiding their stress and worries behind a smiling face. Other parents go the complete opposite way and will be losing their sense of reality and proportion. Now, Heather will help them recover from such situations and allow them to see things beyond their personal concerns.

In all these cases, the key is to find the best remedy for each individual personality, situation, and emotional state. It really doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a remedy for a mom, a dad, or for any other family member.