The Bach Flower Treatment Method

The Dr. Bach treatment method is a form of very subtle energy therapy mainly affecting the human psyche in a slight way. This in contrast to practically all conventional drug therapies that only affect the cellular and physical levels.

Energy healing methods (like Flower Essences) affect the higher levels of self – the emotional, mental and spiritual. The resulting state of mind will determine the susceptibility of the “thin bodies” of your physical body to diseases caused by external or internal factors.

During the treatment, the person experiences a feeling that their own psychological and emotional balance has been achieved. With Bach Flowers, we restore contact with the power of our intuition and through it, the internal resources of the body that contribute to self-healing.

This is essential when addressing goals such as Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Natural Stress Relief, natural treatment for depression and anxiety, and increasing Self-Esteem.

Bach Flowers Therapy will increase body resistance through the harmonization of subtle energy systems, which connects us with our Higher Self. Most essences have little effect on cell systems of the physical body, but some flower species can simultaneously act on the cellular and subtle energies levels.

The most well-known treatment, at the present time, is called the “Rescue Remedy”, which contains five different flower infusions. These are applied as universal stress relief and are a very important component of our organic and natural Stress Management Program.

Rescue Remedy is for everyday stress or “extreme” situations, such as visiting the dentist, exams, job interviews, travel, excessive anxiety or in the evening prior to a wedding day. But for some people, a personal remedy should be prepared in order to deal with any of these conditions.

Flowers Essences are used to treat many different kinds of emotional imbalances in people who exhibit different types of temperaments. Like homeopathic remedies, Flowers Essences are classified as vibrational medicine.

The therapy occurs, not on the physical level, but on a subtle energy level.  It is not intended to eliminate the symptoms of the disease but to eliminate its causes and to establish internal peace and harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.

It should be stressed that Bach Essences are not a substitute for medical treatment in critical cases. But it is considered an effective method of disease prevention, health support, and natural stress treatment.

Essential Remedies Naturally
Health Remedies are an essential part of any natural therapy and are used with a great deal of success. Many of these remedies have ingredients that are readily available from natural sources. One such source is wildflowers.

Dr. Bach’s Healh System
In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach developed a herbal healing system derived from specific naturally growing wildflowers. Dr. Bach discovered that these wildflowers have a property that works on the emotional states during the healing process. This greatly aids human recovery. Today The Bach Flower Remedies is a worldwide name. Now, these wonderous healing remedies can be learned by you at home.

Pure Principals
As with all good systems and designs alike, the Bach Flower Remedies system has fallen victim to incorrect interpretations over the years. What you will learn in this home study course are the original pure principals of Dr. Edward Bach’s System that have been proven worldwide.

Anyone can learn
You don’t have to be a health professional to learn. Anyone who can read and write English is able to complete this home study course.