The Spirituality of Imperfection

New Spirituality for the Age is a celebration of today’s heart-centered consciousness. It promotes the expansion of human awareness to include unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and others and the development of your infinite potential. So read on if you want to discover more about The Spirituality of Imperfection.

It is the journey of the soul on earth and is the awareness that everything in life is for a higher purpose. It is the quest of humanity for understanding itself and it tries to find symbology through the integrity and clarity of universal order.

New Spirituality was the movement of the late 1980s characterized by an emphasis on alternative or complementary medicines, the holistic idea of mind and body, personal development therapies, as well as a mix of ecology, theosophy, a belief in harmony and peace, and oriental mysticism.

The New Spirituality movement holds that God is the whole universe and is transcending our universe also. New agers know that God will draw you towards the thing you want and he will draw the thing you want towards you. God has precipitated a collision between His wisdom and the world’s spurious wisdom (1 Cor 1-4).

Christ-Consciousness is also taught by New Agers and this symbolizes a state of awareness (reached in and by meditation), in which people realize that one is divine and one with God and that they thereby become an enlightened human being or a God. Christ is the reference point for all reality.

New Spirituality represents that Personal Transformation is an intense and profound mystical experience and will be leading to the use and acceptance of New Age practices and beliefs. Believers are hoping to develop interesting new potential and capabilities within themselves: psychic powers, the capacity to heal others and oneself, as well as a broader understanding of how the universe works.

Meditation is practiced by all major world religions and is often described as an essential discipline for spiritual growth. Belief in astrology is common amongst New Agers, but definitely not limited to them. Check out also this post about the Bach Floral System and the Dr. Edward Bach Biography.

New Spirituality encompasses the attainment of happiness, joy, and peace. Peace education is a way to lead our children into a brighter future. It teaches that Love creates joyous living and that we are to love and be loved.

We are to love our brothers as we love ourselves. As love will transcend all problems and bring happiness and joy into our lives…if it is given as it should be given to all that you come in contact with. Love is also forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and others will release you to heaven on earth.

The mind must accept these concepts as true in order for them to become a reality in your life. If you can grasp the concept of love in your imagination and imagine yourself pouring out and exuding love to everyone you come in contact with in some way, you will receive the love of God and who knows, you even may develop clairvoyant capabilities.

New Spirituality teaches that if you believe in these things and can see them in your imagination, you will have a happy, joyous, fulfilling and abundant life. Jesus himself was teaching in this way [of the mystic], and he appealed continuously to the imagination, and many devotional leaders likewise are encouraging us in the same way today.

New Spirituality leads you to find answers within yourself, not from others, allowing you to peel away the layers of a lifetime of conditioning from society, family, education, and religion. And most importantly, the release of the illusions of the ego.

In contrast, Religion is often more focused on the transcendent, while the new spirituality seeks to relate to both the transcendent and the imminent — seeking to bring the two together in consciousness; while remembering that all experiences are really Love’s manifestations.