Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions and Answers

In this section, we will try to answer questions that students ask. Not all answers are published, only those that refer to general issues and no subject is revealed. Many students have Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions and Answers and we see how to interpret those. In addition, no identity is mentioned. – Just Ask –

Q: I have asked you this before; I am extremely grateful you have answered me, but my concern is a part of your answer, which was on auto-suggestion; here is the sentence that I wish to repeat: the infinite intelligence to guide me and direct me; the power of infinity that moves me and feeds me; I radiate peace, love, and goodwill towards all human beings; I wish for them all the blessings of life. Do you still think that this kind of an auto-suggestion that can hurt me?

A: Your sentence is very beautiful, you can use it as a mantra by repeating it several times. But mantras can lead to dependency especially if they are said loudly. What matters in this case, for our Western minds, is the quality with which we can repeat this sentence, not quantity. We must, indeed, have understood, understand, what ‘infinite intelligence’ is, and what ‘shine’ and ‘love’ mean in a cosmic sense. Regarding this exercise, you are on the right track.

Q: It is only recently that I discovered the esoteric, and I think that’s the greatest gift I have ever received from heaven, and I will not let a single day pass without binding myself to God and I practice self-suggestion to develop spiritual growth. Do you think that through these practices, I could arrive one day to my enlightenment or my spiritual rebirth, because now I live only for that?

A: Your spiritual birth took place the day you first became interested in esotericism.

The light is what lights the darkness of ignorance and materiality. Apart from some great individuals known from the past and present who have received total enlightenment at once, for most people it is only gradually that light will illuminate our souls. It’s all about Spirituality and Purpose. In doing so, the path of knowledge will bring particular and timely insights that will make you move faster.

Autosuggestion is similar in many respects to self-hypnotism. As always there are certain exceptions, and with respect to Edgard CAYCE, you should not practice this art as it destroys the objective consciousness and free will.

Students need to learn to respond to criticism and on the trail of a search for more light, the mystical student must take three parallel tracks:

  • The way of the heart: opening up to others, do not consider the social or mental differences of race, sex, religion. This will keep spirituality alive and real.
  • The path of knowledge: study the great divine principles and their application to our universe and man, so study philosophy and psychology.
  • The path of the soul: the practice of introspection, contemplation, and meditation, especially once you’ve acquired knowledge based on the previous principles.

After the initial and personal discovery of mysticism, you should not plunge headfirst in and forget about the rest. You should discover, at his moment, a balance between mind and matter. See also this post about the New Spirituality for the New Age Movement.

Q: Could you help me gain effective esoteric knowledge to be able to understand life and its colors?

A: Esotericism is the study of the laws of God in our heart or the Great Architect of the Universe, as you wish. It is the study of matter, of the stellar universe in which we live. It reports about man and God through more sacred texts, not just the Bible. It is about the human constitution, about philosophers, the Grand Masters of the past (Jesus, Buddha, etc ..), and many other subjects.

But you also practice prayer, meditation, and you will possibly be pasting to understand and properly integrate the ‘other’, not a stranger but as one of us.

At first glance, you can be frightened by the magnitude of the task. You should be harnassing spiritual guidance for prosperity and growth. But by understanding or practicing one of these chapters, we will learn to open ourselves easily to other parties.

Q: Where, with whom, how to learn?

A: This is a personal issue to solve and understand. For most, I believe that reading two or three books on topics that interest you, will open the door to greater understanding and refine how we can approach the esoteric subject. Since the Internet has so many websites, start looking with the word “esoteric” and all sites corresponding to the subject. Visit as many as you can. With the wealth of information available, and I insist on reading two or three books, you will get a better idea of the subject and understand how to learn and practice.

If you want to use more traditional ways, I can recommend the Order of the Rose Cross, and if you want to read a book to learn about the topic in a more general way, I can recommend books about Edgar Cayce, the biggest visionary of the twentieth century. All subjects are addressed but beware of the esoteric order to practice and live what you have learned. Reflection gives you that knowledge, not lived experience.

Q: Can we be satisfied with one religion to arrive at the truth?

A: The search for the truth, that is if in this incarnation we can get there, borrows several paths. Among these are religions. But personal research, the study of philosophies such as Buddhism or the Rosicrucians, esotericism, among others, are other equally rewarding ways.

The truth is not in a religion or philosophy because each of them presents only one facet of the diamond. Perhaps the study, commitment, and devotion to all religions may give us a glimpse of the truth, but unfortunately, in most cases, our life is not enough as the task is immense.

To lift the veil and get a glimpse of what IS, choose from all the tools available to ourselves which one would best suit your inclinations, taste, and inner experience, but also see that though things are done differently elsewhere, they are equally valid.

If you have an open mind and heart, the path will be shorter and will bring us faster to the goal.

Q: What is the esoteric? A science? Why practice? For no one, I think, has had the opportunity to see the Divine, the ORIGIN of all things, and it would be pretty pretentious to say so.

A: For the definition of esotericism, I think the site’s introduction page answers your question, if not, go further. If we are to believe the history of religions and mysticism, like in the Flower System developed by Dr. Bach, there are many people who have approached closer to the Divine. Not everyone has the ability to see it, but it is the duty of the researcher to try to do it in his earthly life. If one believes the major religions and esoteric philosophies, the material one day will return to its creator, including mankind.

Nobody who wants to improve his performance is giving up the sport, just like the singer works on his voice, or the painter who seeks perfection. Scientists and believers try to see beyond the material to try to perceive the spiritual. There is no pretense here but a search condition that clears the way from ego, vanity, and pride.